Monday, March 8, 2010

Mississauga March Break 2010

Just one more week till March Break 2010 arrives in Mississauga! Are you looking forward to it? It is a great time to spend some extra time with the kids if you are one of the lucky ones not working. If you are working and you need childcare however it can be stressful.

We are fortunate to have many wonderful March Break Camps in Mississauga. There are camps that take your kids on wonderful trips and adventures each day. There are camps that focus on learning a language or exploring your child's creative side. There are musics camps and martial arts camps. You can find something for almost every interest.

If you are able to be home with the kids there are many March Break Activities in Mississauga. You can see Robert Munsch at the Living Arts Centre. You can attend a free movie at Mississauga's Central Library. You can take the kids to Playdium. You can spend the week helping them to get ready to perform at Cooksville Branch Libraries Talent show! You can take in a March Break Puppet Show!

What ever you decide to do make sure you have fun.

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