Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mississauga Summer Camp at Star Academy.

Summer camp can be a great way for a Mississauga Kids to spend their summer days.

With the long summer break, from the last day of school to the beginning of September, parents often search for ways to occupy their child’s day and at the same time try to find programmes that will benefit them and provide great learning opportunities. Parents need to evaluate their child’s needs and determine what type of programme will continue to support their child in their development.

Despite all the fun of summer, many students struggle to remember their academic skills when September rolls around and that transition back to school can be difficult. Finding a camp that carries the excitement of adventure and at the same time incorporates core academics in a subtle way can be the best solution.

Summer Showtime is a unique summer programme that accomplishes just that. Designed to excite children about learning in a camp atmosphere, the past 12 years have proven that learning can be fun!

Yes, camp is a great way for children to spend their summer and Summer Showtime is just the place. For more information contact Pam Rennie 905-891-1555 or

For more information about this and other camps click Mississauga Summer Camps.

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