Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mississauga March Break 2009 - Day 2

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood! (How many of us still hum that Mr. Roger's tune?) We may not be in the sunny Caribbean but Mississauga Kids are experiencing some delightful weather so far! Did you know you can always get the latest forecast for Mississauga Weather right on our main Mississauga Kids website? Just check the upper right hand corner of the page!

Why not get the kids out doors for a bit of fun this morning! From 10 to 10:45 the Mississauga Fire Department will have trucks out a the Central Library at Square One for the kids to check out. I'm guessing they may be giving out some fire safety coloring books too while supplies last. Enjoy the trucks then head inside to wonder the stacks. Hmmm wonder if the librarian could help you find a book on firetucks or firemen?

Don't forget today is St. Patrick's Day! Everyone gets to be Irish today! Just wear a bit of green and a smile on you face!

For more on what's happening this march Break in Mississauga check the Mississauga Kids website or follow us on Twitter!

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