Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mississauga Kids to Enjoy the March Break Holiday!

In just 20 days Mississauga schools will be beginning their traditional Spring Break holiday. Schools in Mississauga will be closed from Monday, March 16 thought Friday March 20 and will reopen on Monday March 23. Which begs the question... What are we going to do with the kids!

Some families use the time to get away together. Last year my family spent the week in Washington, D.C. touring important historical government sights and museums. We learned that "The Mall" is not a closed in Space where you shop but a big beautiful open space between all the wonderful Smithsonian Museums and many other points of interest.

Some families spend the week at the cottage or travel to a near by Resort. Wheel's Inn for example has some fantastic March Break deals and affords a bit of an escape from your Mississauga usual surroundings. Some families use the time to visit other family members wherever they may be.

If your not traveling though you have to wonder... What am I going to do with the kids? Some parents still need to work during March Break. If this is your situation you should know their are plenty of March Break Camps in Mississauga. Kids can go to sports camps, academic camps, drama camps, the list is endless. Their are full day and half day camps available as well.

For more about the March Break Camps available in Mississauga check the Mississauga Kids Website!

Next week I'll be posting information on programs available to kids and parents in Mississauga so stay tuned!

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